BeyondCon February 18th-19th,2011 at the Inn at Gig Harbor

What is it?

Sponsored by the Beyond Reality Costumers Guild, BeyondCon is a costuming relaxacon event where you can learn new costuming techniques, share techniques you have developed, and hang out for the weekend with other insane people costumers.

Here are a few pictures from BeyondCon 2012, BeyondCon 2011, BeyondCon 2010, BeyondCon 2008, and BeyondCon 2004.


BeyondCon 2014 will feature the theme: "Celebrating the Fabulous 40s".

Almost finalprogram schedule.


Come join your costuming friends and spend a weekend learning about fashion from the 1040s to the 2240s, perhaps beyond! It won't be just European fashion, either. Dance to the hits of the 1940s on Saturday night, and pretend you're visiting the USO.


Preregistration ends January 31, 2014.
BRCG Member rate $37 (For more information becoming a BRCG member, visit the BRCG website membership page.)
Non Member rate $40
*There may be an additional fee to offset the cost of materials for the hands-on portion of some workshops.
There is a special $15 'Significant other' rate for spouses and such who may want to join in the fun but not attend panels

Make checks payable to the BRCG and mail to:

BeyondCon 2014
c/o Julie Zetterberg Sardo, Treasurer
Beyond Reality Costumers' Guild
8515 S 113th St
Seattle, WA 98178-3316  

You can submit your registration via PayPal:

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  Significant others (will not attend panels or workshops)



Inn at Gig Harbor
3211 56th St. NW
Gig Harbor, WA
Toll Free: (800) 795-9980
Local Phone: (253) 858-1111
Fax: (253) 851-5402