Beyond Con 2016 Schedule and Panel Descriptions


3:00 - Registration OPENS in Hospitality
Well, okay, we are *aiming* for 3pm. Maybe this should be called: “Help Carol set up Hospitality” instead.
4:30 - Stitch and Bitch / Socialize:
Work on your projects and dish some dirt.
6:00 - Potlatch_6PM_friday Your Costuming Bits:
Bring all of that stuff that’s impeding the way to your sewing machine, clean out your yarn stash, get rid of that project you thought you were going to do but never got past supply acquisition, and weed through your trims, buttons and patterns. They all want to find homes where they will be loved and cherished like you never could, you mean old thing you!
8:00 - Stitch and Bitch / Socialize:
Continue knitting Dr. Who scarf, and don’t forget to tell everyone about that time when you didn’t understand what “No costume is no costume.” meant.
1:00am - Hospitality Closes
No, really. We mean it. Ferdinand is a really light sleeper.


8:00 - Gnoshies/Breakfast
Go ahead….I dare you to be up this early.
9:00 - Stitch and Bitch Accompanied By Historical Dramas and Criticism in B Sharp, First Movement
10:30 - Beginning Bobbin Lace 1 (Julie Zetterberg):
Learn some of the basic skills, techniques, and tools used to make bobbin lace. We’ll start with some definitions of the three basic stitches, wind some bobbins, prepare a pattern to work on, and begin making some practice pieces. Continued in Session 2, or use the handouts to learn more on your own. Simple practice equipment, patterns, and handouts included with $5 supply fee, payable onsite.
12:00 - Lunch Break>/dt>
Lunch is fragile, and easily broken.
2:00 - Stitch and Bitch Accompanied By Historical Dramas and Criticism in B Sharp, Second Movement
5:30 - Undie Swap and Supper Shenanigans
Get some dinner to go and bring your spare or ill fitting corsets, crinolines, petticoats, bloomers, and other clean, laundered underthings to trade or give away. Spare clothing might also make an appearance, so be prepared!
7:00 - Annual Frock Tart Business Meeting
General partying and mayhem is on the agenda. It’s election time again, so you best not miss it, or you’ll get a nice surprise.
1:00am - Hospitality Closes
Go to bed, will ya?


9:00 - Documenting Your Costume for Presentation (Jonnalyhn Wolfcat-Prill)
You've spent hours of your time and a budget of money on creating your costume to take on stage. To best showcase it for Craftsmanship/Workmanship and Performance, join this discussion to come up with ideas on how to best do this for the different types of competitions.
10:30 - Characterization Through Costuming (Richard Stephens)
Exploring the concepts of how a stage costume designer approaches and analyzes a script and works in consultation with the production team to design costumes that comment on the play and the characters. We also look at choices actors make in crafting their characters and how those concepts can also be used to create specific design choices to take your hall or masquerade costume from the generic to something highly detailed and bristling with character flourishes.
12:00 - Lunch Break
This is why we can’t have nice things.
2:00 - From Thrift Suit to Tail Coat (Richard Stephens)
How To Cheaply Rock a Frock (Coat) - What to do when you need a frock coat tomorrow for your son to play Abe Lincoln for a school report? Your community theater director just added ten more men to the chorus of Les Miserables and you open in three weeks? Survival in the costume game requires a few tricks and here is a handy little course to help in you in these desperate times to take a suit of matching pants and jacket and convert to a tailcoat or frock coat in a very short time.
3:30 - Afternoon Break
So Lunch wasn’t good enough for you? You have to go and destroy this, too?!
4:00 - Foundation Foundations – aka Corsets and Underpinnings (Richard Stephens)
A survey of historical underpinnings and other "unmentionables" that will help to answer "What is he/she wearing under there?"
6:00 - Dinner Break
I give up.
7:00 - Dance Setup
8:00 - 12:00 - Time Warp Dance (Deejay Erik Prill, presiding)
This thing could go either one of two ways. 1) Full on Rocky Horror, or 2) something Lost in Time-ish. You decide, dress the part, and show up to dance your socks (or fishnets) off.


9:00 - lectronics in Costuming (Alicia Faires)
Learn about basic circuits and different products designed to add light and sound to your textile project. The workshop will include an overview of what all is out there when it comes to e-textiles, as well as the construction of a simple LED circuit.
10:30 - Interfacing (Audrey Schmidt)
Interfacing: What's it for? Interfacing can make or break a garment. See examples and understand what different types of interfacing can do, or not do.
12:00 - Lunch Break
Forget I even mentioned it.
2:00 - Braids, Falls, and Hair Flowers
This panel will be a hands-on workshop on some ways of making hair accessories from yarn, false hair, crin, and silk flowers. It is recommended that if you wish to make hair flowers that you bring a hot glue gun & glue sticks. There will be some supplies (and a donation jar to cover supplies) or you may bring additional yarn, hair or silk flowers to play with.
3:30 - Afternoon Break
You win.
4:00 - Fantasy Pinweaving (Vicki Glover)
Love yarns, embroidery floss, ribbons and cording but want to find out other things to use them for BESIDES knitting/crocheting/embroidery/etcetera? Learn to make a fabric pinweaving board and then create a textural fantasy fabric textile from those leftover lengths of yarn, embroidery floss, ribbon and cording that we all have, which you can then use for costume embellishments and accessories. All materials for the workshop will be available, but feel free to bring supplies, especially tapestry or doll-making needles (essentially long tapestry needles), glass headed pins (we will be using irons to fuse the textile to the interfacing and don't want your pins to melt to your fabric), embroidery scissors/snips and a ruler or quilter's square ruler, to ensure there's enough supplies for all who wish to participate. Also bring yarns, threads, etc that you would especially like to use or share. Come have fun!
5:30 - Dinner Break
Is my heart next?
7:00 - 8:30 - Workspace Available (Large Table Alert!)
The room is open for any space hungry cutting, sewing, or other crafting that may need to happen.


8:00 - Gnoshies/Breakfast
“Good morning, sunshine!” Wait, sorry. “Good morning, Sunshine.”
9:00 - Machine Maintenance and Simple Repairs (Wendy Kaufman)
Learn the basics of how the sewing machine actually works. Troubleshoot your sewing machine, fix minor issues, and learn how to pick the best sewing machine for your needs.
10:30 - Beginning Bobbin Lace 2
Attendance at Session 1 recommended but not required (contact me prior to this session so we can meet during a break to quickly cover a few basics). We will continue making some practice pieces and learn additional techniques and patterns.
12:00 - Lunch Break
Broken things are broken, already!
2:00 - Stitch and Bitch
Accompanied By Historical Dramas and Criticism in B Sharp, Third Movement
4:00 - Hospitality Closes


9:00 – Development of Clothing, aka Underpinning the Underpinnings (Kier Salmon)
In this panel, we will present a review of the historical development of fiber arts, and how they became clothing. We will examine five continents and different kinds of fibers over many cultures.
10:30 – Buckram Foundation Headdresses (Wendy Kaufman)
Learn to pull a buckram form, select forms, and even make your own forms. Get the headpiece you really want for your costume.
12:00 – Lunch Break
One last time for good measure? I see how you are.


2:00 - Thrift Store Crawl (No Host)
It’s more fun when there’s not just one! Partake in an annual Beyond Con tradition and take a spin through some of the nearby thrift shops with your fellow attendees. You absolutely should/must have someone with you to critique your thrift-fu finds! Meet in the lobby and organize carpools/caravans there.