Stitch-and Bitch.

Most of you know the drill, but for the possibly uninitiated,, it’s just what it sounds like: bring whatever you are working on and enjoy the company of your peers. Help each other out, get some tips, gossip, make new friends.

Costume Potlatch, parts 1 and 2

Please bring your over-abundance of costume related materials and items from your stash or someone else’s. This could include costume pieces, shoes, fabric, trims, beads, lace, laces, equipment, patterns, books . . . . Bring items to the Con Suite on Friday, or to the Ballroom any time it’s open on Saturday or Sunday. While you’re here, see what others have offered and take home what you need. That hole on your shelf will need filling. Any items left at the end of the weekend will be donated to the several charities supported by Beyond Reality Costumers Guild.

Book and Costume Show-and-Tells

Why limit ourselves? Let’s do both! If you have a special book you’d like to share—especially but not limited to one you just got—bring it to the Con Suite at 7:30 pm on Friday evening. If you have a costume you would be happy to expose to examination, bring it to the Ballroom 9:00 am on Saturday. Be ready to say a few words about what’s special and let people see it up close and personal.

Games of Chance and Strategy

The con will provide a number of different types of games and multiple decks of playing cards for you to choose from. Possibly even a copy of “Hoyle.” Please feel free to bring your favorite game and introduce it to friends old and new. It’s a big room, so if you love Twister, bring it on.

Dance if You Dare.

There will be music. Very eclectic music. The floor is carpeted. We will set aside an area for you to figuratively cut a rug. Sorry, there will be NO disco ball in attendance.

Fashion Walk-Through

A doubled-barreled opportunity is planned for Saturday evening for you to play with costume and impress your friends. Walk-through starts at 8:30 pm. Can You Wear it as a Hat? Household items, holiday décor, even clothing or accessories—as long as it is not intended as millinery, and you can get it to balance on your head with or without a little help, it is fair game. Bring your favorite (or choose from a small selection on hand, but we’d rather see your stuff). Ribbon, elastic, hair pins and a few embellishments will be provided in the Ballroom Foyer. Photos will be taken. Fashion Roulette. Do you feel lucky? “Contestants” will have about an hour to choose from a completely random selection of costume pieces to create a new look to be presented to the con by themselves or a model (volunteers, anyone?). These creations will then be sent down the “runway” (that is, through the ballroom), for the enjoyment of the assembled crowd. No prizes will be awarded, but photos will be taken. Contestants and models should assemble at the Connections Café at 7:30 pm. [If you have something you’d like to make available for this game, mark it securely with your name and drop it off in the bin in the Ballroom Foyer by 6:00 pm on Saturday. You can collect it from the foyer after the fashion show or in the Ballroom on Sunday morning.]

Sunday Group Lunch at the Saffron Grill

This will be a late lunch. Saffron is unquestionably one of the best Indian and Eastern Mediterranean restaurants in the Puget Sound region. From the family that brought you Cedars on Brooklyn. Shares the parking lot with the Hotel Nexus. The endless cup of chai is to die for. A group reservation will be made. Separate checks. Sign up in the Con Suite any time before 11 am Sunday so we can give them the final count.