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We are a group costume enthusiasts who share our passion for costuming by teaching others our techniques, learning from others, and exhibiting our costumes. We welcome costumers of all types, including fantasy and science fiction costumers, historical costumers, SCA costumers, reenactors, dancers, theatrical costumers, professional costumers and hobbyists


Following the discussion at the September meeting we've agreed to try Razzie's restaurant in Seattle for our October 20th meeting.

A bit of backstory for people just joining us. A few years ago when our group was looking for an alternative south Seattle location Kate suggested Mitzel's restaurant in Kent and that's served us well for many years. The goal of having an alternating north and south meeting was hopefully to attract more members in the south to join us at meetings who couldn't or wouldn't travel too far outside their home region.

However, recently Mitzel's has informed us that if we wish to continue meeting there we'd have to order from a limited item menu in order to make it easier for their staff. That idea didn't set to well with our members, so we started exploring other options.

Several members suggested Razzies, which used to be known as Romio's in Seattle. They have a diverse menu and several meeting spaces in their restaurant. Here's a link to their website: http://www.razzispizza.com/

Their address is: 8523 Greenwood Ave. N. Seattle

If this works as a venue we might then continue to alternate between Spiro's and Razzie's.

So, for our next BRCG meeting on October 20th we now have a reservation at Razzie's beginning at 6:30 PM. I'll send out another reminder as the date gets closer. I have called and cancelled our October reservation at Mitzel's.


Wings Movie Outing

BRCG Members attend a showing of the 1926 movie Wings.

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